Dear Mark Zuckerberg…

Dear Zuck,

We would like to give you a heads up on the spontaneous campaign underway to send you bottles of Purell hand sanitizer. When the news came out that you have invited Indian Prime Minister Modi to the Facebook headquarters and will be shaking hands with him, many in the Bay Area became really concerned for you!

As you know, Mr. Modi was banned by successive administrations from entering the United States on account of his role in the massacre of some 1,921 religious minorities in India. Many among the killed were innocent children. Like Ahmed Mohamed, these children were the target of pure bigotry—only in this case, unleashed by Mr. Modi himself.

So when you meet Mr. Modi tomorrow, and shake hands with him, there will be a lot of blood on his hands that will stick to you. That’s a lot of blood to clean….and many people are mailing you bottles of Purell, each one dedicated to a victim of the Gujarat massacres, so you can get that blood off your hands.

Friends have launched a dedicated website to facilitate this effort:

Zuck, Wash Your Hands 

Hope the Purell reaches you in time. Your concerned neighbors have already mailed some 250 bottles to your office earlier this week, and many more requests are pouring in.

Zuck, please do wash your hands.

With love,

—your friends at the Alliance for Justice and Accountability


PS: The media may be asking about the Purell at the Town Hall tomorrow