Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bay Area Visit Stirs Controversy

University professors across the country have cautioned the South Bay community about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming visit later this month.

One-hundred-twenty-five academics from different disciplines, including professors from Stanford, Santa Clara University, UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Cruz, published a “faculty statement” on Modi’s visit on Academeblog on Aug. 27.

The Economist: “Does the prime minister prefer talk over deeds?”

Mr Modi’s diplomacy appears to involve making warm statements now and putting off tough steps till later. It is like his style in domestic affairs. The prime minister is a forceful communicator. But he postpones the arduous job of getting things done. His critics say that Mr Modi cares more for the theatre of politics than the hard grind of passing laws or accomplishing reform through compromise.

The Economist: “Lights, camera, inaction! Does the prime minister prefer talk over deeds?”


India Currents: “Speak Up, Prime Minister Modi”

To his supporters, who pooh-pooh any criticism of this government asserting that “It also happened under Congress rule” the whole point of changing the guard was to usher in a new administrative era that was efficient, corruption-free, and economy-centric. What we have got instead, at least till now, is empty symbolism and social and religious paternalism. It behooves us as concerned citizens and Indians abroad to make very sure that the Emperor’s new clothes are indeed real.

Tweets, photo ops, and clever slogans cannot bring about the change India needs. If Mr. Modi wishes to be the transformative leader that Indians gave him a mandate for, he must back up his inspiring rhetoric with action. He needs to fill the ranks of government with talented administrators, pledge to openness and transparency in government affairs, and unreservedly condemn and sideline the communalist forces among his allies.

Indians have been incredibly patient and forgiving of an undeserving, corrupt, incompetent and shameless political class that has consistently failed them for far too long. It is time to do right by them, Prime Minister Modi.

India Currents: “Speak Up, Prime Minister Modi”