Everything you need to know about today’s protests against Modi

1. Who are we, and what do we stand for?

We are the Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA). On September 27, Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, will be hosted at SAP Center in San Jose, California as part of a global PR campaign to whitewash the controversial right-wing politician’s dismal record. People from across California will be joining our coalition at the event in safe permitted free speech areas, to tell the other side of the story.

Dissent is under attack in India, which is why we speak out in the United States. We stand up for India’s religious minorities, women, LGBTQ people, historically marginalized castes, Dalits and adivasis — as well as everyone who loves a safe and clean environment, civil rights, free speech, net neutrality, online privacy and security, and the right to openly debate and disagree. (Expect to see other groups protesting, in addition to members of the AJA coalition.)

2. Why did we send 250+ bottles of hand sanitizer to Facebook’s CEO?

3. Why is Silicon Valley full of billboards critiquing Modi’s policies?

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5. For the media

  • We invite media to join us at the protest on Sunday, September 27 at 3:30 PM Pacific Time
  • Contact us, and someone will get back to you ASAP